Before Marriage

6 films on key issues in early marriage. For people thinking of marriage and newly married couples.

Topic: Our Expectations of Marriage

Fairytale endings rarely happen but that doesn't mean you can't have a great relationship. Find out how to set realistic expectations for your marriage and nurture your bond with your partner. 



Topic: Finances 

Fighting over finances is one of the most common problems in marriage. Learn how to avoid conflict and work together!


Topic: In-Laws

How do you strike a balance between your marriage and the demands of your in-laws?  

Topic: Communication

Good communication is vital to all successful marriages. Discover how you can achieve this essential trait in your marriage.   


Topic: Pornography

Addiction to pornography is on the rise. How does this addiction affect the addict and their partner? 


Topic: Domestic Violence

Domestic violence harms both the abuser and the abused. What can we learn from the Prophet's example concerning this global problem? 

After Marriage

4 Winning Strategies married couples can use to improve their relationships. 

Topic: Listening and Bonding

As spouses we want to be heard and understood but we often don't have the patience to listen. By sincerely listening to our partners we take an important step toward embodying the Quranic paradigms of marital love and mercy. 


Topic: Mutual Consultation

A key to success in marriage is the ability to positively consult and influence one another. The Quran describes mutual consultation as a characteristic of believers.


Topic: Effective Communication

Find out how to go beyond the "script" and learn new tips on how to improve communication in your marriage.   


Topic: Lowering Tensions

One of the most damaging forms of communication in marriage is called a "harsh start up." Discover how to de-escalate conflicts and foster greater harmony with your spouse.