Project is a landmark educational film series. For the first time Islamic scholars are presented together with professional therapists and dramatic artists in 10 exceptional documentaries about getting married and staying married.

Some of the most common challenges faced by newly married couples are featured in 6 "Before Marriage" films. Each short film deals with how to understand and overcome a specific issue. For married couples, there are 4 films that offer “Winning Strategies” to help improve relationships. Every film comes with detailed Film Notes. Our films can also be shared through our YouTube Channel.

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Website: Jawad Jafry • Web Design Modifications: M. Shakil Nundloll • Film Notes: Muneerah Jafry

Film Credits: 

Executive Producers: Dr. Hamid Slimi & Salim Ansari

Producer-Director-Writer-Editor-Narrator: Jawad Jafry

Actors (in alphabetical order): Jasmine Bowen, Tara Elizabeth, Kanza Feris, Bobbi Jaye, Afroz Khan, Aieron Munro, Nick Smyth & Alberto Tihan

Camera/Lighting: Hugues Cormier & Daud Ahmadi

Sound: Glen Deakin

Soundtrack: William Martin

Post Effects: M. Shakil Nundloll

Vocals: Nader Khan

Clappers: Muneerah Jafry and Azeezah Jafry




We are grateful to the following people who contributed their time, expertise, assistance or advice to this project. Their names are listed in alphabetical order: 

Daud Ahmadi, Dr. Sameera Ahmed, Sh. Abdalla Idris Ali, Sh. Yusuf Badat, AGA Barrie, Rachid Belbachir, Jeewan Chanicka, Michael Charles Cole, Hugues Cormier, Dr. Saeed Faizi, Abeer Farouqi,  Akilah Johari Haneef,  Professor Mohamad Haniff, Azeezah Jafry, Farheen Khan, Khalid Khan, Amal Killawi, Sh. Ahmad Kutty, William Martin, Salisha Mohamed,  Abul Ala Morshed, Naheed Mustafa, Dr. Iqbal Al-Nadvi, Fatemah Nundloll, Shakil Nundloll,  Khushy Shujaat and Shahina Siddiqui.